TiniBnB House “Miraflores”

The “Miraflores” sets a new standard for small living. We’ve maximized its flexibility with a spacious 2 or 3 bedroom, a full bathroom, laundry space and complete kitchen, all built to last. All-in pricing starts at $99,500 and includes delivery right to your backyard.


1-2 months

On-site survey & permitting

First, our Incablock Certified Installer, survey your property to determine where and how your Leggo Tiny Houses will best fit, then they do due diligence, and take care of all the permits, paperwork, and procedures necessary to build.


1 Month

Groundwork & Footings

Once everything is approved, Installer get to work: install the foundation, water, power, and sewer for your Leggo Tiny House.


1 month

Building, delivery, & installation

Next, your Leggo Tiny House is built and prepared off-site, then delivered and carefully installed via team labor with Installer’s engineers assisting every step of the way.


Our products use The Incablock, Thermorock and 4 more  Construction System

Our 6 different Construction System offers an innovative, flexible, cost saving building system for constructing walls and other structures. All are simpler, faster and less expensive than conventional blocks or wood structures to install.

Investment opportunity

Turning Housing into a Factory Product

We mass produce room modules in the factory and then sell them to builders and developers who permit and install them. Right now, we are focused on the Accessory Dwelling Unit market in west USA, but our innovative design means our systems can be used to construct most building types. 

Actual built unit, Model Miraflores, located in B. California.

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