Your Housing Data-Your Income

When you buy or rent a House from Legotini Houses, you will have the option to receive payment from our Data’s Union. Data collection is from your car and house. You can Opt-Out as well.

Data Is Labor and we owe you a Data Dividend for your productivity because you Own Your Data

Reimagining Vehicles and Housing data ownership.

Why a Data’s Union could be the solution to monetizing the large amounts of data vehicles & Housing generate

We all Barter our Data with Big Tech

Big Tech provide some of the best platforms that enhance our digital lives, it’s not “free” at all, they aren’t stealing our data, It’s a good-old-fashioned Barter transaction.

People do not have ownership over their data. They are unable to control what happens to it; how it is collected, used, and sold, and do not receive any of the profits it generates. They lack the technical capabilities to regain control and to get remunerated for their contributions, leading to a lack of balance and an extractive approach to data collection, Data’s Union was created to fix that.