Energy Storage

Our Patent Pending for a Concrete Battery for Energy Storage is a great addition to our many Green Initiatives. Our Rechargeable Phosphorescent cement-based battery will let buildings store energy

“We have a vision that in the future, this technology could allow for whole sections of multi-story buildings made of functional concrete. Considering that any concrete surface could have a layer of this electrode embedded, we are talking about enormous volumes of functional concrete

We had partner with well known alkaline battery producer Duracell since their launching a residential energy storage solution, The Duracell Power Center product line that consist of 5-kW and 10-kW inverter outputs with lithium-iron phosphate batteries expandable from 14 kWh to 84 kWh. The Power Center’s AC-coupling setup allows to store excess power for use in the evening, maximizing their investment, while increasing energy security and independence, all without additional hardware.  In addition, Power Center offers the flexibility of remote software upgrades to meet ever changing power regulatory standards.

“We are proud to work with our licensee partner to add this important offering to our housing products, this provide the entrée for expansion into a full product ecosystem as we want all our products to have a complete residential power management.”