How it works

How it works

From permits and site surveying to construction and shipment, we make sure that every single step of the process is thoroughly planned, prepared, and completed, so you can live without the stress. Our price includes everything from permitting to installation. No hidden fees or costs.


3-4 months

On-site survey & permitting

First, we survey your property to determine where and how your Modal will best fit, then we do our due diligence, and take care of all the permits, paperwork, and procedures necessary to build.


5 days

Groundwork & Footings

Once everything is approved, we get to work: install the foundation, water, power, and sewer for your Modal.


2 months

Building, delivery, & installation

Next, your Modal is built and prepared off-site, then delivered and carefully installed via crane with our team assisting every step of the way.

Affordable and aesthetic

High-quality construction and design are our guiding principles. With efficient manufacturing and flexible financing options, we’ve made Modal affordable and accessible for everyone.

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