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The predicted explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) expects to see more than 70 billion devices connected by 2023. With the demand for social housing increasing across the country, landlords, whether private or public sector are experiencing an ever increasing range of challenges including increasing maintenance costs and tenant safety. IoT devices hold the key to unlocking enormous cost savings and introducing operational efficiencies by providing organisations with intelligent ways to
manage their properties and budgets.
MyTokens’ award winning IoT solution provides housing associations the digital tools to ensure their properties are safe, healthy and energy efficient. In the past five years, authorities in USA have paid out more than 35M in compensation and legal fees to people living in ‘unfit’ homes and with tenants becoming more aware of their rights, this figure is set to increase.
MyTokens allows organizations to pro-actively monitor the condition and health of their properties, receive alarm notifications and deliver a more quality standard of living for their tenants.
Moreover our solution can help providers to support the independent living of elderly people in the community with a view of supporting an ever-increasing elderly population

The Future is Here

As IoT technologies continue to develop and improve, there will be a significant uptick in benefits to both social housing providers and their tenants. As housebound technologies continue to adopt IoT into their construction (think boilers, radiators, gas meters etc) the prospect of a completely connected house becomes more and more realistic. These advancements will allow residents to have much more control over their properties and help them to improve the efficiency of key home functions.

For landlords, this will allow them to understand their properties in a way they have never been able to before. This will allow landlords to judge the energy efficiency of individual products and to better understand the performance of household repairs along with much, much more.

Alongside this newfound connectivity will come an increasing reliance on automated notifications and scheduling. This means that potential problem areas will be flagged up before they can take root and without waiting for the tenant to submit a complaint. Automated systems will send notifications
regarding minor and major issues to maintenance teams and communicate directly with the resident to ensure access. This form of scheduling may be done via a Smart-Screen, as in MyTokens’ case, or with more traditional communication methods. This means issues are picked up on in the early stages, giving landlords time to schedule repairs around the resident’s day-to-day routine which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and improves resident satisfaction.

With all the data that these various IoT devices will be producing, true predictive analytics becomes possible. This will mean that device failures, such as boiler breakdowns, can be planned for, ensuring minimal downtime for the resident. We are fast approaching a world where housing providers can accurately identify failing devices, schedule a maintenance appointment at the residents’ convenience, and have the problem solved without affecting the residents’ health and wellbeing – all thanks to the advances in IoT technology.

Features and Benefits for Landlords and Tenants


Monitor humidity and temperature: Pro-actively monitor conditions and receive alerts when ideal conditions are detected for damp and mold to develop allowing them to be dealt with before it gets out of control and leads to an expensive claim.

Multiple services: Monitor multiple services and conditions within the property including Boiler monitoring, Noise Disturbance, Occupancy, Door / Window alarm, Carbon Monoxide, Radon Gas Detection, Vermin Control, Leak Detection, Air Quality, High Risk Vulnerable people support.

Identify potential fuel poverty cases: Through monitoring temperature conditions throughout the home providers can be alerted to potential fuel poverty cases and work with their tenants to address problems and take more control over their usage.

Single analytical reporting dashboard: By delivering a single data analytics and reporting dashboard housing organisations can immediately begin to gain a holistic view of their property portfolio and through machine learning begin to make informed decisions and predictive analysis.

Supporting vulnerable and at risk tenants: Sensors can be used to help vulnerable and at risk tenants through the monitoring of building conditions, but also through the ability to monitor movement and activity levels, receive immediate alerts in order to achieve a comfortable, independent, and safe life in their own homes

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Through the MyTokens Social Housing solution, providers are able to monitor a comprehensive range of features and characteristics within the property to gain a more thorough understanding of the conditions and with a view of supporting those at risk and considered vulnerable in order to deliver improved services, drive operational efficiencies and save on budgets.

Services include:

Property Condition:
• Water leak detector
• Temperature and humidity
• Indoor CO2/temperature/humidity
• Outdoor CO2/temperature/humidity
• Smoke detector
• Occupancy
Independant living / at risk tenants:
• Door/window sensor
• Activity detection sensor
• Door bell
• Emergency button
• Power outlet with consumption monitoring

Our cloud based digital services platform allows you to gain a deeper insight through data integration and reporting. All services provided are monitored and reported via a single centralised management dashboard from which organisations can achieve an immediate understanding of the condition of their property portfolio as well as configure pre-defined triggers and alarm notifications. Detailed and in-depth reports can be configured to be automatically generated and distributed to key stakeholders throughout the organisation

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